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Royal Canadian Legion,
Ontario Command, District C

   The Royal Canadian Legion serves today’s generation of veterans
   The Legion is a non-profit, dues supported, fraternal organization with approx­i­mately 1,500 branches in Canada, United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

   The Legion receives no financial assistance from any outside agency and membership is open to all Canadian citizens and Commonwealth subjects who subscribe to the purposes and objects of the organization.

   Your early bird membership fee is $45.00 of which $33.67 goes to Dominion Command and $3.00 goes to our Provincial Command which leaves the Branch only just over $8.00 per member. We find ourselves again struggling with a $5000 shortfall in operating monies. The monies we obtain from meat draws, pull tickets and turkey raffles all go into a Donation account which must be donated to our community groups, which we are proud to do! We regularly donate $10-15,000 to local groups every year.

   To operate the Branch we are always struggling to make ends meet. Costs increase every year and we are working on several events to raise more capital. We have more members joining and are exploring many ideas to raise operating capital which will benefit both the community and Legion. We have cut back on hours and other costs and will be raising the bar prices to stem the bleeding.

   Many of our members do not live in Tobermory area or only live here part time so a visit to the Branch is not always feasible or are not able to participate in our Fundraising activities. About $10 per week is the cost of a few drinks for a frequent visitor.

   We have added a feature which we hope you will take advantage of. We have set up an email donate@tobermorylegion.org which allows you to eTransfer money directly to the Branch’s General Fund.

   If all members can donate in small increments or in a lump sum, we could be well on the way to recovery. You may choose to make an e transfer donation or even send a cheque if online banking is not for you but please set a plan to help our Legion. Remember to keep any copies of items sent to the Branch for your records!

Many Thanks, Branch 290 Executive
37 Legion Street, P.O. Box 310, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0

Instructions for Donating
1 – Log on to your online banking site.
2 – Select Pay Bills & Transfer Funds
3 – Click on Interac e-Transfer.
4 – In the Send Money To: set up or add a contact: donate@tobermorylegion.org
5 – Put in the amount: i.e. $50.00
6 – Submit.

37 Legion Street, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

P.O. Box 310, Tobermory, Ontario, N0H 2R0


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